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April 05, 2011



Amiga introduces a new line of consumer electronic devices, with the immediate availability of 7" and 10" tablets.

Amiga is also announcing their give forward program, and will donate $25.00 per unit sold to supported groups and charities.

Maple Valley, Washington and Hong Kong , China (April 5, 2011) - Amiga, Inc. is introducing a new family of consumer electronics to include cell phones, Android tablets, laptop computers, all-in-one PCs, televisions, 3D televisions, and PCTVs (televisions with built in computers).

Amiga is launching today the first of these new product offerings with immediate availability of their new Xpedio 7 MT and Xpedio 10 MT multi-touch Android tablets. These new tablets offer flexibility, speed, memory and the competitive pricing. All of the devices are loaded with a minimum of 1GHZ processor, 512MB Ram, and 16GB of on board storage as well as support for MicroSD for an additional 16GB. The Xpedio 7 MT Tablet is offered at $ 299.00, and the Xpedio 10 MT Tablet for $ 449.00.

Amiga is also offering their give forward program and will donate a minimum of $ 25.00 for each product sold to support various charities and organizations, with a strong focus on schools. Initially these include efforts to support relief efforts in Japan and Haiti, as well as various school initiatives. The consumer simply enters either Japan or Haiti in the Promotional Codes section at checkout and $ 25.00 will be donated to the selected relief efforts. Amiga will also be working with various schools and other organizations and they will be listed soon. Products can be ordered immediately at

Each Xpedio Tablet also includes, at no additional fee, iCNet from i-Contain, LLC. iCnet is a self-monitoring software security solutions that keeps the user in control of their device. If the device is ever lost or stolen, iCNet locates the device. When needed it can remotely remove any consumer data, and shut down the device.


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