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Amiga produces and distributes enabling technologies and applications for wired and wireless devices. Amiga's technology solutions include Amiga Anywhere and the Amiga family of operating systems for a wide variety of computer devices and platforms.

"Amiga provides the tools and technology that makes Digital Living™ easy."
Then and Now

Amiga began as a pioneer in computing hardware. We were first to market with user experience amenities such as full-color display, anti-flickering, and stereo sound. First in architectural innovation such as multitasking, multiplexing and multimedia. First in functional approaches such as expansion options, virtual disk drive in memory to reduce disk swapping, and the AGA chipset (Advanced Graphics Architecture).

One thing that characterized Amiga people and their inventions from the very start, was a commitment to empowering each user. Now, Amiga has transformed itself into a software company dedicated to creating applications and services to help people access and control the content of their unique digital environment. We call this Digital Living™.

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